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Below is a list of Restaurants in Woodshole, Massachusetts. You can click on any listing for more details and a map to the location.

 Black Duck Restaurant 73 Water St Woodshole, MA 508-548-9165 
 Captain Kidd Restaurant 77 Water St Woodshole, MA 508-548-8563 
 Dome Restaurant 539 Woods Hole Rd Woodshole, MA 508-548-0800 
 Fishmonger Cafe 56 Water Wds Holel Woodshole, MA 508-548-5376 
 Fishmongers Cafe 56 Water St Woodshole, MA 508-548-9148 
 Landfall Restaurant 2 Luscombe Ave Woodshole, MA 508-548-1758 
 Old Barn Sandwich Shop 22 Luscombe Ave Woodshole, MA 508-540-6823 
 Pie In The Sky Dessert Cafe 10 Water St Woodshole, MA 508-540-5475 
 Shuckers World Famous Raw Bar 91 Water St Woodshole, MA 508-540-3850 
 Ursery Co Little Harbor Rd Woodshole, MA 508-548-9390