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Below is a list of Restaurants in Winthrop, Massachusetts. You can click on any listing for more details and a map to the location.

 Brothers Restaurant & Bakery 77 Revere St Winthrop, MA 617-846-4202 
 Cafe Delite 82 Jefferson St Winthrop, MA 617-539-1535 
 Coffee Beanery Ltd 12 Revere St Winthrop, MA 617-846-7874 
 Hi-tide Coffee Shop 480 Shirley St Winthrop, MA 617-846-7792 
 Hong Kong Dragon 68 Woodside Ave Winthrop, MA 617-539-0012 
 J Js Cafe & Grill 230 Revere St Winthrop, MA 617-846-7940 
 Mcdonalds 70 Pauline St Winthrop, MA 617-846-4707 
 Mike & Maddies Delite 70 Woodside Ave Winthrop, MA 617-846-4577 
 Nicks Place 1 Pauline St Winthrop, MA 617-846-9800 
 Paesans Brick Oven Pizzeria 10 Putnam Winthrop, MA 617-539-1676 
 Papa Luigis 503 Shirley St Winthrop, MA 617-846-8801 
 Winthrop Garden Restaurant 4 Somerset Ave Winthrop, MA 617-846-9150