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Below is a list of Restaurants in Rockport, Massachusetts. You can click on any listing for more details and a map to the location.

 Blacksmith Shop 23 Mount Pleasant St Rockport, MA 978-546-6301 
 Bracketts Oceanview Rest. 29 Main St Rockport, MA 978-546-2797 
 Brians Beach Front Restaurant 16 Beach St Rockport, MA 978-546-9060 
 Cuttys Harbour Cafe 14 Bearskin Nck Rockport, MA 978-546-2180 
 Ellens Harborside 1t Wharf Rd Rockport, MA 978-546-2512 
 Flavs Red Skiff 15 Mount Pleasant St Rockport, MA 978-546-7647 
 Folly Cove Pier 325 Granite St Rockport, MA 978-546-6568 
 Glass Verandah 127 Granite St Rockport, MA 978-546-7795 
 Greenery Restaurant 15 Dock Sq Rockport, MA 978-546-9593 
 Hannah Jumper St Rockport, MA 978-546-3600 
 Lobster Pool Restaurant 329 Granite St Rockport, MA 978-546-7808 
 Michaels Restaurant 173 Main St Rockport, MA 978-546-9665 
 My Place By The Sea 68 Bearskin Nck Rockport, MA 978-546-9667 
 Ocean Cafe 8 Wharf Rd Rockport, MA 978-281-3680 
 Peg Leg Restaurant 18 Beach St Rockport, MA 978-546-3038 
 Ralph Waldo Emerson Inn 1 Cathedral Ave Rockport, MA 978-546-6321 
 Seaside Restaurant 21 Dock Sq Rockport, MA 978-546-3905