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Below is a list of Restaurants in Marion, Massachusetts. You can click on any listing for more details and a map to the location.

 Ansel S Gurney House 403 County Rd Marion, MA 508-748-1111 
 Barros Drive Cafe 10 Barros Dr Marion, MA 508-748-3986 
 Boom Shankas Ice Cream 9 Cottage St Marion, MA 508-748-3395 
 Frigate Steak House 806 Mill St Marion, MA 508-748-0970 
 Gildas Stone Rooster 27 Wareham Rd Marion, MA 508-748-9700 
 Lauberge 450 Wareham Rd Marion, MA 508-748-1068 
 Moonfish Restaurant 7 Cottage St Marion, MA 508-748-9956 
 Silvestris 362 Front St Marion, MA 508-748-2961 
 Sippican Shop 167 Spring St Marion, MA 508-748-0176 
 Wave 210 Spring St Marion, MA 508-748-2986