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Below is a list of Restaurants in Granby, Massachusetts. You can click on any listing for more details and a map to the location.

 Granby Cafe 489 E State St Granby, MA 413-467-9383 
 Last Minute Concessions Inc South St Granby, MA 413-547-6102 
 Little Italy Pizzeria 56 W State St Granby, MA 413-467-7477 
 Mannys Place St Granby, MA 413-467-3244 
 Marfrans Turkey Ranch & Restaurant 55 Taylor St Granby, MA 413-467-7440 
 Pizza Palace Restaurant 31 W State St Granby, MA 413-467-9544 
 Something Special 185 W State St Granby, MA 413-467-2433 
 Subway Sandwiches & Salads 74 W State St Granby, MA 413-467-2333