Every day, millions of Massachusetts consumers are "surfing" the web. They are out there looking for items to buy, information and places to go. Lost in this media is restaurants. Few sites have sprung up, and those that have are complex and really don't provide enough of a selection to make them truly legitimate. Thus sprung the need for www.DiningInMass.com.

At DiningInMass.com we have begun the process of making the ultimate web site for finding restaurants in Massachusetts. Our goal is to get as close to ALL of them on our site as possible. We look to provide addresses, type of restaurant and maps to get there for each of these. We then hope to sell advertising to as many restaurants as possible to add even more information about the restaurant to the site. This revenue will promote the site further, sponsor contests, improve service, add future server access and keep the data as current as possible.

For the users of this site, we hope to provide as much information as possible to make this a useful and needed site for you to bookmark as a favorite. We hope to help out anyone visiting the state to find a place to go. We hope to help out those looking for some place to go for lunch or after hours with the gang from work.

Our true goal is to organize information to bridge the consumer to the restaurant in a fun and easy to use web site providing you information as quick as 2 clicks!

We welcome ALL comments, suggestions and complaints. No question is too crazy, please let us know what's on your mind. Ours is to serve! We realize that we cannot please everyone, but we'd like to try!

We hope that you enjoy the site and will help us improve it so that it can become a useful and well used site by you.

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